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Think of this expedition like a hunting trip. You are going to need all the right gear for comfort and safety (not to mention results) before you even think about setting out. I’m sure you have heard the term “you are only as good as your equipment” well its true...

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Equipment  | Escott Sportfishing


We use way more than just cut plugs and weight rods. We are adept with down riggers, spoons, anchovies - whatever the situation calls for.

Our game is deep. We can catch on ANYTHING THERE BIT”IN ON! And we only use THE VERY BEST EQUIPMENT.

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Boats  | Escott Sportfishing


Although we don’t receive the big open ocean swell from the west side of the Island the Dixon Entrance can be a cruel mistress, but she doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable one.

We use only top-of-the-line Grady White boats. They offer a smoother, drier ride and are built for safety, comfort and speed. These boats are custom equipped and rigged for inshore and offshore fishing.

Each boat is outfitted with Yamaha and Suzuki 4 stroke Outboard Power.

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Gear  | Escott Sportfishing

Other gear

Lowrance fishfinder / chartplotter combo’s with commercial transducer for the most accurate reading.

Islander reels, Abel reels, Shimano reels, G-loomis rods, Shimano rods, Scotty electric downriggers, Maxima line, Gamakatsu hooks. We spare no expense when it comes to fishing equipment!

Our fleet is DOT (Department of Transport) certified with all commercial tickets and insurance requirements. Each boat is set up with a marine VHF radio, DOT floatation/survival suits, key hole life preservers, marine first aid equipment, flares, 5lb fire extinguisher and GPS, (global positioning system).

Also a custom touch for you, we have Sirius radio on every boat!


Are you ready to embark upon the sports fishing adventure of a lifetime?

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