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Every little thing you do gives you a slight advantage over the next angler when it comes to catching the biggest fish in the water.

To start with, you are going to need experienced guides, better equipment, better gear and the best location.

Our Game Is Deep

We provide the best one-on-one personal experience there is.

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Guides | Escott Sportfishing


Captain Danny Escott has been a professional fisherman along BC’s shores for over 27 years. He is one of the best there is. If you want to catch the big fish, you will want his standard of knowledge, expertise and professionalism to guide you.

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Food | Escott Sportfishing


It wouldn’t be a world-class fishing adventure without five-star fare. Our top calibre chef is Mike Redinger. He will provide gourmet meals throughout your stay, whether it is mouthwatering sushi from local waters, or buttery crab caught fresh from the shore - you know you are in for a culinary treat.

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Guides | Escott Sportfishing


All of our guides are full-time fishermen with years and years of experience (and more then just a few 50+ pounders) under their belts. They are personal, hands-on and consummate professionals.

The guides have been hand-picked and trained by Captain Danny Escott himself. They are not only excellent fishermen, they are personable, to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience in the boat.

Safety always comes first. All of our guides have Med3/SVOP (Small Vessel Operating Proficiency), radio operating ticket and Level 1 First Aid.


Chayne Bauer | Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Guide | Escott Sportfishing

Chayne Bauer

Chayne has been working at Escott Lodge for 8 years. He is an avid surfer and lives in Masset year-round. He knows the area like any local.

Years Experience: 15
Biggest Tyee (Chinook/King) - 54 lb
Ask Him About… the old sea captain that gave him the best life advice ever! And his best day fishing for the big ones!

“When Chayne first started at Escott he had some big fish to his claim but still had one foot in the diaper by Escott standards. 8 years later he now is one of the most well known fishing guides in BC. Chayne has become a great fisherman and the best fishing coach for Escott guests we have!”
-Cap D.

Albert Liddle | Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Guide | Escott Sportfishing

Albert Liddle

Albert started commercial fishing when he was 10 yrs old. 44 years later, he still loves what he does every day.

Years Experience: 44
Biggest Tyee (Chinook/King) - 51 lb
Ask Him About… the lady who caught the same fish twice or an old Haida story as Albert is a proud Haida himself!

“Captain Albert “Bert” Liddle, what can I say? This guy is a beauty! There is one question I get asked by every guest that fishes with Albert every time they step off his boat each day... ‘Can we fish with Albert again tomorrow?’”
-Cap D.

Matt Brown | Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Guide | Escott Sportfishing

Matt Brown

Matt is a local born and raised red neck Masset guy! Matt likes to hunt big fish, shoot deer then drink beer.

Years Experience: 21
Biggest Tyee (Chinook/King) - 71 lb
Ask Him About… why hunting for “Big Fish” is so important to him and why he likes to kill stuff then eat it :)

“I know it's impossible to say who the best ocean fisherman is in BC but man, on any given day if Matt Brown isn’t the best then he is always in the top 10! Adding Matt to the “Escott Fishing Team” has made us all better fisherman!”
-Cap D.

Jim Curry | Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Guide | Escott Sportfishing

Jim Curry

Jim Curry aka “Jimbo Slice”. No one really knows where Jim is from, its dark. But he has over a decade of guiding experience and even more years as “North Coast Drinking Buddy."

Years Experience: 12
Biggest Tyee (Chinook/King) - 55 lb
Ask Him About… why he spends so much time in his rasberry shed?

“Jim is good! The guests love him and he shows up ready to guide everyday with no excuses. He comes to please!”
-Cap D.

Kyle Guide | Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Guide  | Escott Sportfishing

Kyle Alton

Kyle was born on a pool table in a pub some where in Northern BC and now is a long time Terrace BC redneck resident. Kyle wants to “Make Canada Great Again!”.

Years Experience: 16
Biggest Tyee (Chinook/King) - 62 lb
Ask Him About… why he never takes off his Hi-Vis vest?

“Kyle is a master outdoorsman! He excels at fishing and hunting and anything else that involves killing and eating. Kill …Eat...Repeat.”
-Cap D.

The Personal Touch

Escott Sportfishing is big enough to attract some of the best in the business but small enough to offer each guest an intimate and personal experience.

Our staff does its absolute best to ensure that your stay is as relaxing on shore as it is exciting at sea.


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