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The Haida Gwaii offers a diverse variety of fish for the adventurous angler.

You can catch all the Chrome Chinook Salmon and bright silver Northern Coho (Coho start running mid June) that you want from May until mid Sept , while offshore halibut and bottom fishing grounds are active all year (other than out of season closure periods). If fly-fishing is your passion, there is also Coho fishing in the tidal sections of the local rivers in September.

Set the hook. Let it run. Play it in. Today!

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Tyee  | Escott Sportfishing

After the big one?

A Tyee is 30 lb or more. To catch one will put you in the exclusive Tyee Club. At Escott Sportfishing, one of our guests catches a Tyee almost every trip during the season! The mythical goal is Tyee over 70... there is one out there waiting for you!

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing  | Escott Sportfishing

Want some action? It’s on!

It’s not uncommon to beat your personal best, many times on the same trip. Steel yourself of double-header after another as you can get dozens of fish to the boat per day.

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing  | Escott Sportfishing

There’s never a lull moment.

It’s time to cut and run from the humdrum of your 9 to 5 and experience the non-stop action of an unforgettable fishing adventure.

No weight issues here. You can take your entire catch home with you. We have access to a private Beech 1900 aircraft!

Types of Fish

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing  | Escott Sportfishing


Mostly what you will be after will be Chinook, Spring or King Salmon (they have many names). They arrive on the doorstep of Masset as early as the first week of May, chasing bait fish along the kelp beds, only minutes from Escott Lodge. The size of spring salmon range from 15 lbs to 50 lbs, sometimes more. In June, the numbers of fish migrating south intensifies and the fish grow bigger than ever. Around this time, TYEE, (30lb+ Chinook Salmon), are caught every week at Escott. Masset has known Chinook salmon up to 90 pounds. The Escott record is a massive 73 pounds!

All licences allow for two Spring a day (four per trip). Once you have caught your limit (and you will) that’s when you move into Coho/Silvers.

Coho arrive as early as mid June. They then continue to grow steadily throughout the season. Come September, it’s off the hook! Northern Cohos can reach up to 15 to 20 lbs, right into October. What they lack in size they make up for in action, as Cohos put up a great fight. And the taste is incomparable. You will not find a fresher or more delicious fish. The Escott Lodge record for Coho is 21 pounds.

Pinks, Chum and Sockeye are out there as well. They can be nice eating, but the real goal is the Springs, Coho and Halibut...

Haida Gwaii Halibut Fishing  | Escott Sportfishing


Our Halibut fishing grounds are close to the lodge and some of the most unique in the world. In 20 to 40 minutes you can go from breakfast to pulling up dinner. The most popular method to catch Halis in traditional Halibut depths (150 to 350 feet) of water. BUT when the conditions are ideal the most exciting way to catch them is in 20 to 40 feet of water in McIntyre Bay, we call it the “Shallows”. This is the best way to get a halibut period! It’s also not uncommon to catch halibut while fishing for salmon.

To ensure your success at bringing in one of these monster fish, we use only top-of-the-line equipment, and tricks of the trade that we have perfected over a quarter of century.

Typically, sizes in our local waters range from 15 to 70 lbs. Turns out those are the best eating size. They are often referred to as the “chicken of the sea.”

Limits and size restrictions on Halibut change every year for tidal water in BC please refer to this link for the most updated and recent rules and regulations in Area 1 / Haida Gwaii.

Superior Fish Care

Getting your fish in the boat is only half the story. We make sure we care for your catch with the same rigorous standards - bleeding it as soon as caught, storing the fish on ice in closed cooler while fishing and ensuring that it is expertly cleaned by your captain and sealed in the freezer before dinner is served.


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