The Tyee Club

One of the highest honours awarded to a Pacific Northwest angler is membership into the prestigious Tyee club. To gain entry, one must land a Chinook or Spring salmon with a weight of over 30 pounds. These saltwater giants are known as Tyees and they are the crowning achievement of any professional, weekend or casual […]

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Escott Sportfishing

Top Sport Fishing Destinations in North America

What exactly is sport fishing? Like the name suggests, it’s fishing that is done for sport or recreation, rather than with the primary goal of catching fish for sustenance. Although many sport fishers do keep some of their catches for eating, many more fish are let go by what’s known as “catch and release.” It’s […]

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Haida Gwaii salmon fishing

Catch and Release Practices in Haida Gwaii

The most thrilling part of fishing is that great battle between man and fish. It can sometimes even take an hour—or more—to get that salmon out of the water, if you’ve got a monster Tyee on the other end. But what happens once you’ve brought it into the boat? At Escott Sportfishing, though our guests […]

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