Freezer Packed

Any outdoor sportsman will tell you there are two main reasons for engaging in hunting or fishing.   The first is obviously the thrill of the chase. Those moments, minutes or hours between the first sighting / bite and the final catch are what we play for. They are a contest of wits, physical strength […]

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Salmon Fishing for Noobs

Scared of looking like a noob at the corporate salmon fishing retreat? Trying to share common interests/activities with your significant other, but grossly unqualified? Never fished a day in your life?!?!   Well, we have you covered. Here is our quick crash course on sport fishing to get you up to speed:   Know the […]

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Preparation for a World-Class Fishing Expedition

A fishing adventure on the west coast can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding vacations imaginable, but it often only comes about after months of endless preparation.   The prep starts with choosing appropriate accommodation. Finding cabins or a hotel close to the fishing grounds is key; you don’t want to spend a […]

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Bait Up - Danny Escott of Escott Sportfishing and his sportfishing bait techniques

“Bait Up!”

  Every great fisherman has a bait preference he dedicates to his catch. Here at Haida Gwaii, we won’t underestimate your extensive knowledge and the intense personal research you’ve put into the great craft of sportfishing, but we’d like to take a second to review what tackle-box accoutrements tend to outwork the worm.   Disclaimer: […]

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Memories of Summer Fishing: Sunshine, Salmon, and Smooth Sailing

As we’ve started to dig into our vacuum-pack salmon stores from last summer, it’s gotten us reminiscing about the stellar summer season we had last year at Escott Sportfishing.   Who else has dipped into their vacuum-pack salmon from last summer? #salmon #salmonfishing #fishingtrips #haidagwaii #haidagwaiifishing #escottsportfishing #escottlodge A photo posted by Escott Sportfishing (@escottsportfishing) […]

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Haida Gwaii salmon fishing

Catch and Release Practices in Haida Gwaii

The most thrilling part of fishing is that great battle between man and fish. It can sometimes even take an hour—or more—to get that salmon out of the water, if you’ve got a monster Tyee on the other end. But what happens once you’ve brought it into the boat? At Escott Sportfishing, though our guests […]

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