The Best Salmon Fishing Videos of 2015

As the final days of 2015 tick away, we take a look back through some of the most useful, most informative, and most beautiful salmon and fishing videos that graced our computer screens this year.

“Salmon Trolling (Using TrollPro),” 00:31

Posted by miscifu, Jun 4, 2015


Though just half a minute long, this video answers all those burning questions about what’s going on underneath the water, down where it’s just our lures and the salmon we’re hoping to catch. Filmed in Hakai Pass, British Columbia—the same general waters that Escott Sportfishing covers—the GoPro-captured clip shows a salmon going after, and eventually gobbling, a mooching lure, once in slo-mo.


“Clearwater River, Idaho Steelhead Fishing. Side Drifting & Back Trolling,” 22:27

Posted by Angler West TV, Jul 13, 2015


The longest video on our year-end round up provides a comprehensive sport fishing lesson on trolling for Steelhead on a river in wintertime. Angler Mel Stottelmyr Jr. (son of the Yankees pitcher/coach) and his team go over the different baits, scents, plugs, and weights they use, taking time to explain the different fishing seasons and give tips to get salmon going wild for bait.


“Fishing for Wild Alaska Salmon with C&G’s,” 4:10

Posted by C&G’s Wild Alaska Salmon, Dec 8, 2015


This video looks a different side of salmon fishing on the West Coast, giving a peek at the lives of commercial fisherman. The beautifully filmed clip offers a glimpse into the salmon fishing world north of Haida Gwaii, in another chain of small islands in Alaska. More than anything, this video emphasizes the beauty and wild nature of the BC/Alaska coast—which we never grow tired of seeing—and the magnificent salmon that populate these waters.


“How To Fillet a Fall Chinook Salmon,” 6:06

Posted by The CRITFC, Sep 22, 2015


After you catch a boatload of salmon on your fishing trip, you need to know how to clean it (that is, if you don’t get Escott to do it for you). This video, featuring Kim Brigham of Brigham Fish Market in Oregon, covers filleting a Chinook caught from the Columbia River, from the first cut to the very last trim. Posted by the Portland-based Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, this clip is one of many produced by the First Nations in that area, who explore their traditional and contemporary relationship with the salmon.


“Wild Salmon Spawning May 2015 1080p,” 3:05

Posted by dty2dty2, May 7, 2015


Another of Escott’s favourite fishing videos of this year again puts the salmon itself front and centre. Haida Gwaii and Masset lie at a critical point in the migration and spawning paths of several salmon species—it’s a sight we see a lot. Here, instead of the familiar images of hundreds of red salmon crowded together, we get up close and personal with one pair of salmon. Captured in hi-def, the video actually shows the laying of eggs and the preparation of the “redd,” or hollow, where the eggs are hidden.

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