Safety First

When the reel starts to hum with that unmistakable whizz of a chinook on the line, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your boat’s certification status. A professional sportfishing guiding company removes that responsibility from the recreational angler so they can concentrate on reeling in the most prized salmon in the Pacific, the world renowned ‘Tyee’. Guiding companies, like Escott Sportfishing, take on the responsibility of providing a safe, well-maintained, licensed environment for guests to fulfill their fishing dreams in.

Boat safety has always been an intrinsic part of sport fishing. The ocean can be a volatile setting for fishing, so it is important to respect the sea and her quick temper.

Respect starts with proper certification. In Canada, all nautical guides and recreational boat users are required to hold a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. These cards ensure that operators have significant knowledge in government regulations, outboard motor operations, water rescue techniques, maritime communication and nautical navigation rules. Every operator of a marine vessel in Canada is required to carry a card that shows they passed a test that supported their knowledge in all of these fields.

For Escott, proper certification ensures that our guides are up-to-date on the current procedures and safety standards put forward by the Government of Canada. These safety standards include daily float plans, VHF marine radio contact, water hazard awareness, proper weight distribution and a detailed operating knowledge of all the vessels in the Escott fleet. All Escott guides are also required to have a Level 1 First Aid ticket.

On top of the operator’s licensing, each vessel used by a commercial guiding company must be documented in the Small Vessel Commercial Registry with Transport Canada. Escott’s entire fleet of Grady Whites is registered within this safety database.

Regulations and certifications aside, a large part of marine safety is environmental knowledge. Local guides develop a keen understanding of currents and tidal conditions within a given area. This knowledge helps limit the risks presented during open water activity.

With a ‘safety first’ protocol on all Escott vessels, anglers can relax and concentrate on the fishing experience.

Be in the moment. Fish safe with Escott Sportfishing.

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