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Introducing Young Anglers to Sportfishing

There’s no such thing as being too young to head out on your first fishing trip. In fact, some of the first memories our Escott crewmembers have are of being out on the boat, sinking a line, and falling in love with the sport of fishing.


Not only does getting kids and teens out on a family fishing trip get everyone bonding, with all those hours spent out on the water together, but angling comes with its own set of learning opportunities—thanks to those early mornings starts and techniques and tricks to learn. Figuring out how to successfully thread fishing line takes dexterity, and finally getting that perfect cast takes perseverance and attention. But most important of all, no one forgets the first salmon they land.


In short, there’s a reason fishing has been the pasttime of fathers and sons for centuries.


And despite the hurried lifestyle we all lead these days and all the new technology we have to contend with to get our kids’ attention, a fishing trip with dad and mom is still something kids look forward to. Case in point, even soccer superstar David Beckham and his sixteen-year-old son Brooklyn took time out of their schedules to hit the seas of Dorset together this past summer.

Bonding time with your kids is always so special…. Dad and Brooklyn fishing outing 🐟

A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on


Although we may expect less of young anglers, it’s also not unheard of for the youngsters of the fishing trip to haul in the biggest prize—like 12-year-old ice fisher Tia Wiese, who set a new yellow perch record in March 2014 while her father watched on.


At Escott Sportfishing, we provide all the gear needed for anglers of any age, from Abel reels to Grade A bait, so you can concentrate on that quality family time spent in beautiful Haida Gwaii chasing after our prize Chinooks.


Although we’re no strangers to taking kids out on their first fishing trip, seeing the delight on their faces as they hold up their first fish is something we never get tired of witnessing. Facilitating your family’s first fishing outing is our pleasure.


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