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“Business or Pleasure?”

The work week is finished and you’ve got big plans for Friday through Sunday. It’s April, so the ice is coming off of the mountains and the salmon at the Masset Inlet, off our Dixon Entrance, are biting hard. BC’s best salmon fishing lodge is stocked up, just like last season, and you can almost see the pink opening to your trusty filet knife.

But, you’ve still got a choice to make: who’s coming with you? Your memories bounce back to the mornings before school, on the ice, when you were team captain and picking heads to be your team. You’re in charge, you’ve got the power, the tools, and, not to mention, you’re going on a Haida Gwaii fishing trip—so you’re feeling like the captain of your social world.

Or, Is this a time of solitude as would be suggested by a contemplative imagining of painted Americana? You envision the pride of your ancestors, as if your forefathers are, literally, gazing down from the sky, watching you pull a 30-inch Salmon out of black water.

No, you think. My fish is bigger.

This is a greater time in history where your fish is measured in millions of dollars, not inches and pounds. Your mind switches to the account you’ve been angling. Would impressing the luxuries of a place like the Haida Gwaii Salmon Lodge as a symbol of what you can offer sweeten the pot for your client? A benefit of your business-kinship? Nah. It’s a gesture of friendship and the abundant times to come; a chance to unite in celebration over the ecstasy of the catch. A metaphorical prelude celebrating positive market gains.

Money isn’t the most important thing, decrees a deep-seated, spiritual voice.

The anticipation in your thoughts switch gears. You imagine your arms around your beloved, keeping her warm, and showing her the ropes as the cool ocean mist splashes from under a deep grey sky. Or, maybe she’s showing you a thing or two. Suddenly, its your progeny, reminding you of what it truly means to live the good life.

So… business or pleasure?

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