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“Knot Knowing”

British Columbia’s best salmon fishing lodge professional, big-game salmon fishers know knots. We know knots because no knot knowledge at sea can land a land-lover in a hitch of trouble.

On a Haida Gwaii fishing trip, you won’t have to know all of your knots. But, if you know knotting at all, you know not to neglect knowing these two fisherman-friendly tie-ups for loose-ends. Before we learn the ins-and-outs, some definitions:

A standing line is the part of the line that is not involved in making the knot (the part that ‘stands’ still).

A tag end is the very end of the line (the part being used to make the knot).

Arbor Knot: An arbor knot is very simple knot used to tie the line backing into your reel (arbor) and can be summed up in seven simple steps:

Step 1. Loop the line around the arbor.

Step 2. The single line will now be doubled. Create a simple, overhand knot in the middle of standing line.

Step 3. Tie another overhand knot in the tag end.

Step 4. Moisten the knots with some spit to lubricate, keeping the line from weakening during the friction of tying.

Step 5. Hold the tag end on either side of the knots and tightly pull. The knots will pull together, forming a single knot.

Step 6. Cut off any excess line above the knot in the tag end.

Step 7. Snug the knot down.

Improved Clinch Knot: The improved clinch knot is simply best knot for attaching hooks, swivels, snaps, lures, flies and sinkers on light (20lbs or less) line.

Step 1. Pass the line through the eye of the hook

Step 2. Twist the tag end, wrapping it around the standing line five times.

Step 3. Bring the tag end back, passing it through the loop created outside of the hook eye, before the five wrappings begin.

Step 4. Pass the tag end back through the newly-created big loop.

Step 5. Moisten the knot area.

Step 6. Hold the tag end in one hand and the standing line in the other.

Step 8. Pull slowly at the same time while sliding the coils tightly with your fingernail.

Step 9. Clip the tag end.


Sound complicated? Try it a couple of times. It’s knot. See you at the docks of our Haida Gwaii Salmon Lodge.

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