How to get Escott Sportfishing Lodge in Haida Gwaii

“Summer is coming.”

Maybe you don’t yet have a picture yet in your mind of how easy it is to get to Haida Gwaii. We want to paint a mental picture of the initial travel segment of your trip for you, so you know exactly how easy it is to reach us.


You’ve booked your tickets online, weeks in advance, for your Haida Gwaii fishing trip. It’s the Thursday evening before your big weekend. Following an after-work brew with the boys, you take a couple of hours to pack your non-business weekend suitcase and review the itinerary we’ve sent you.


Your sense of enthusiasm for the weekend begets anticipation and you sleep like a rock. Friday morning you wake up, feeling as if today is the first day of the rest of your life (that Christmas-morning feeling). You’re ready to take on the world. Upon rising, you envision the stress free version of your day: skipping the afternoon traffic surge, foregoing dinner with in-laws, and not having to suffer decision fatigue in any sense. Friday morning, therefore, feels like a great start to your weekend. You opt to take sedan service to catch your flight from Vancouver International Airport to the Queen Charlotte Islands.


Knowing there are twice-daily flights from AirCanada via Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and flights offered by Pacific Costal Airlines from Vancouver’s South Terminal to Sandspit International Airport (YZP), you feel a sense of comfort knowing there’s more than one way to get to Haida Gwaii. A ferry ride crosses your mind, imagining how it would provide you with a sumptuous view of the coastline, ocean, and orca; but, you store the excitement of being on the water for the full-on sport fishing experience. Inland Air has has daily scheduled flights between Prince Rupert and the Village of Masset, and you catch a small plane from YZP to Masset, where the fun is.


You’ve arrived, bag over your shoulder, and embark upon in a landscape so beautiful, it looks surrealistically painted. You’re greeted at the terminal by a taxi.


“Escott Sport Fishing Lodge,” you direct to the driver. You sit back and relax in your seat. Those stars in your eyes look a lot like salmon.

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