The Making of a Superior Fishing Guide

The difference between a great fishing trip and an exceptional fishing adventure is the guide. Escott Sportfishing guides are consistently praised for being the highlight of the trip. Now remember, this is world-class fishing in one of the world’s most remote sportfishing locations. You have to be a pretty good guide to outshine pulling in a 32-pound Chinook.

So what makes the Escott experience so special and how is Escott continually ranked as the top salmon fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii?

Well it all starts with Danny Escott, the founder and owner of Escott Sportfishing. Danny’s 24 years of guiding on BC’s wild coast has won him the reputation of being one of the top five anglers in Haida Gwaii. His hands-on approach to the company means that he is consistently involved in all aspects of the business. From hiring, to training, to managing, Danny ensures that his guides provide the same exemplary service that he is famous for.

That service starts with an unparalleled knowledge of the local fishing grounds. When guides know the area inside-and-out, clients catch fish. But it’s not just ‘fish’ that has made Escott Sportfishing a standout fishing experience; it’s the quality of the hooked fish that separates Escott from other fishing operations on the west coast.

Danny and his crew know where to find the Tyee, the elusive giant Chinooks and Spring of the Pacific Northwest. They also know where the Cohos are, so guests can catch their limit and fill their freezers.

Besides their fishing prowess, Danny’s guides are filled with personality. They keep clients laughing and entertained from their first step down the wharf, to their final reel in. With local stories, amusing antidotes and the odd ‘Dad joke,’ Danny’s crew ensures that the mood in the boat always outshines the weather.


But it’s not all just fun and games in the Gradys; Escott sportfishing guides are trained to provide impeccable instruction so guests can improve their technique and fish to their potential.

The guides are also responsible for the safety of all the passengers on board. Escott ensures that all captains have their Small Vessel Operating Proficiency license, their radio operating ticket and level 1 First Aid.

The last piece of the elite guide formula is a respect for the environment. Haida Gwaii is one of the most magical places on the planet and Escott Sportfishing intends to keep it that way. Escott guides use only barbless hooks so that the giants of the sea can be brought to the boat, documented with a grinning selfie and released to repopulate the waters with strong future Tyees.

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