Corporate Adventures

A corporate retreat needs three simple elements to be considered successful:

  • A memorable event that people will talk about for months, preferably with an element of excitement
  • An activity or space to relax and disengage from the pressure of work
  • A natural setting that is the polar opposite of the office setting

Here is a list of five memorable corporate retreats that satisfy this recipe for success:


  1. Maui Yoga Retreat

-Yes, it’s a long way for anyone travelling from mainland North America, but that’s the point – you need a severe separation from the office world. Maui is the most lush island in the Hawaiian archipelago and sees far less tourists than Oahu. With beach yoga classes, employees can dispose of the pressure of the 9-5 while working on their health. The stress will figuratively dissolve into the red sand.


  1. Las Vegas Dice Roll

-There is no doubt that Las Vegas has the potential to be the most fun retreat on this list. Forget that old saying about what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Done right, Vegas can be the ultimate release for overworked and struggling employees. Even the desert meets the above requirement for somewhat of a natural setting.


  1. Kelowna Golf and Wine Tour

-A short drive into the interior of BC lands you in god’s country for both wine and golf enthusiasts. Kelowna has some of the most challenging fairways on the West Coast, with vineyards and orchards just off the greens. The links provide an interesting parallel to the competitive arena of today’s modern business environment.


  1. Kananaskis Dude Ranch

-For an adventure that won’t be forgotten, the Kananaskis region, at the foothills of the mighty Rocky Mountains, is the ideal setting for an outback adventure experience. Trail ride, snowshoe, mountain bike or hike during the day and power through the necessary business in the evenings. Trudeau’s Liberals met to bond and plan out their new government here back in April of 2016.


  1. Haida Gwaii Sportfishing

-For the total package experience – relaxing, fun, competition and adventure – the Escott Sportfishing experience rises to the top of this list. Escott provides a lodge experience with ample room for conferencing. The Grady boats, for smaller groups, are lead by the top fishing guides on the West Coast. With an almost guarantee of catching a salmon, retreaters will leave with a catalogue of water cooler stories. And of course, the experience is set in the unparalleled, wild terrain of Haida Gwaii.

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