The Tyee Club

One of the highest honours awarded to a Pacific Northwest angler is membership into the prestigious Tyee club. To gain entry, one must land a Chinook or Spring salmon with a weight of over 30 pounds. These saltwater giants are known as Tyees and they are the crowning achievement of any professional, weekend or casual angler.

At Escott salmon fishing charters Haida Gwaii, our club is local and comprised of guests and guides. The club expands each season with a few lucky men and women adding their name to our archives. The club record is currently a 73-pound Tyee.

It is a challenge in any situation to bring in one of these monsters, so membership is well earned. That being said, there are other clubs on the coast that have more specific requirements for entry.

The longest and most prestigious club, first established in 1925, is the Tyee Club of British Columbia. It was organized by a loose group of anglers that came to British Columbia to fish the waters around Campbell River, in a body of water referred to as Discovery Passage. The original crew created a strict set of rules loosely based on a similar, but older club in Catalina known as the Tuna Club of Avalon. The rules have been expanded and altered slightly over the years but here are the basic requirements:


  • The Tyee must be caught on a hand operated reel with 20 lb. test line.
  • The lure must be artificial, no live bait, and have a single barbless hook.
  • All Tyees must be caught using the trolling method, no jigging
  • While fishing, all boats must be rowed or paddled. (The angler does not need to be the paddler)
  • No one but the angler may touch the rod while bringing in the fish
  • No depth sounders may be used.
  • All salmon registered must, of course, be over 30 pounds to qualify as a mighty Tyee

Most active members of this club are locals to the Campbell River area and have been members for decades. For the weekend angler, catching a Tyee in any situation is life altering. So throw your hook in the water and make a play for entry into the Escott Tyee Club. We’ll see you in Masset for an unforgettable fishing experience!

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