World’s Best Salmon Fishing

The best fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii, Escott Sportfishing Lodge, has put together the top three reasons why Haida Gwaii has the world’s best salmon fishing. We may be a bit biased, sure, but our defence definitely holds water.


  1. Hardly Accessible

What makes the region so beautiful also makes it the best place to fish in the Pacific Northwest. The 100 km wide Hectare Strait physically separates the islands of Haida Gwaii from the coast. This separation makes Haida Gwaii one of the most remote environments in Canada.


The fishing grounds around the islands of Haida Gwaii are less saturated with commercial and recreational fishing than the more accessible coastal communities. The salmon stocks are some of the strongest in the Pacific Northwest. This provides more opportunities for casual anglers looking to land their first Tyee.

  1. At a Crossroads

The Pacific Northwest has five major salmon species: Coho, Chinook, Spring, Sockeye and Chum. All five of these salmon species spend their adult lives at sea. While in salt water, the fish take different migratory routes, finally returning to their rivers of origin at their maximum weight. Some of these migratory routes direct certain species south, while others head at north, but they all eventually return to spawn.


It is during this return stretch that each of the five species make their way past the coastal waters off of the Haida Gwaii archipelago. This means that all five are accessible at different times of the year, a virtual buffet of salmon.


  1. Extreme Weather Notice

With constant storms coming off the Pacific Ocean, the skies around Haida Gwaii are more-often-than-not darkened by low-pressure atmospheric conditions that lend themselves to cloud and rain.


Some of the best fishing conditions occur when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Dark skies bring out the giants, as larger fish seize on their opportunity to feed on unsuspecting smaller prey. Fisherman from all over the world come to Haida Gwaii because of the size of the salmon that can be caught during these dark days.

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