Preparation for a World-Class Fishing Expedition

A fishing adventure on the west coast can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding vacations imaginable, but it often only comes about after months of endless preparation.


The prep starts with choosing appropriate accommodation. Finding cabins or a hotel close to the fishing grounds is key; you don’t want to spend a quarter of your day in transport.


Another challenge is the transportation itself. Are there flights into the area you wish to fish? Once off the plane will you need to rent additional transportation to get you to your destination? How much will the insurance be on the vehicular transportation?


The next challenge is researching the waters you will be fishing. Without proper research your lines could remain untouched for the entire get-a-way – and really what fun is that?


Find out what fish will be in the area at the time of your visit and what insects will be in the air above. Use local blogs and direct sources for tips on where the fish are congregating and what they are eating. Secure charts of the local waters and label the areas you wish to focus your angling on.


Use your research to buy the proper gear for your adventure. This can be a huge expense, so budget wisely. Remember, it’s better to bring a wider selection of lures and bait so you can adjust your fishing according to what tackle you are having the most success with.


The last step: buy your fishing license.


Seems like a lot of work for a weekend away.


Want to make it easier, catch more fish and have more fun? Book your salmon fishing charters Haida Gwaii with Escott Sportfishing – we take care of everything.

The Escott package provides your flights from Vancouver BC to Masset in Haida Gwaii. Once you leave the plane, Escott will provide transportation to the lodge where you will sleep mere yards from the shore. Bait, rods, boats – all provided. The finest guides on the west coast accompany the gear. These top anglers will take you directly to the prime fishing grounds. The guides will rig your line, so you don’t have to spend hours fighting with lures and knots. And at days end, when it is time to retire to the hot tub, the same experts will clean, vacuum-pack and flash freeze your daily catch.


Now that is a stress-free fishing experience! The only thing you need to do is buy your fishing license.


Sounds like something you would be interested in? Book your complete fishing package today at Escott Sportfishing Lodge in Haida Gwaii.

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