Why We Fish

Time to get a little poetic…


A friend of ours was recently asked: “Why do you fish?” A simple question, but also one that encourages introspection.

His answer was quick and to the point: “Because I love being on the water.”

Fair enough we thought, but there must be more to it than that.

So after a short think on the subject, we compiled this list. Here are ten firm replies to the question ‘Why do you fish?’:


  1. We fish because it takes skill.


  1. We fish because the experience is never the same, the score is never tied and the unexpected is always lying just below the surface.


  1. We fish because the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon are excellent for the heart. The superfood that we live to catch is also the one that will keep us around longer.


  1. We fish because of the disconnect. On land, we are physically and digitally connected to our jobs and social obligations at all times. The water severs that connection. On the water, paradoxically, is where we feel the most grounded.


  1. We fish for those few precious seconds, sometimes even milliseconds, from when the fish first takes the bait to the reflex tug, setting the hook.


  1. We fish because of the variety of fish in our oceans.


  1. We fish because the greatest conversations are shared on a boat, waiting for a strike.


  1. We fish because of the connection between the angler and his/her prize – the match of wits and strength.


  1. We fish because of our fathers and their fathers before them.


  1. We fish because we know the size of the last one that got away.

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