Top Five Saltwater Sport Fishing Boats

  1. The Contender

A simple, slender, sleek design with a level deck for 360° of casting locations, these boats are everywhere and for good reason. They are probably the best-selling centre console boat on the market.

  1. Yellowfin

Since 1998, Yellowfin has been crafting superior family fishing vessels. But this is no minivan. The sexy, sleek designs allow for increased speed when needed and a clean dry ride in chop.

  1. Merritt

The legends are true. With only 12 ever produced the 43′ Merritt is an endangered species. But even with only dozen built, Its design is so recognizable, if you closed your eyes and we asked you to picture a marlin fishing vessel, your subconscious would probably put together a mirror image of this tournament slayer.

  1. Bertram

Another classic, from back in the day, the 31′ Bertram made its debut in 1961 and changed the game. The huge cockpit allows for longer, more comfortable trips. If you can find one, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Grady White

At the top of the list are the Grady Whites, the cream of the boating industry. The superior V2 hull design puts all other recreational boating manufactures to shame. With countless awards and a #1 ranking in each of the eight J.D. Power and Associates Marine Studies, Grady powerboats deliver a drier, softer, safer more stable ride. And lucky for sports fisherman everywhere, they are still in production.

The entire Escott Sportfishing marine fleet is made up of dependable Grady Whites. On the calm water, on the rough chop, trolling – these are the boats that define the Escott premium fishing experience.

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