Salmon Fishing for Noobs

Scared of looking like a noob at the corporate salmon fishing retreat? Trying to share common interests/activities with your significant other, but grossly unqualified? Never fished a day in your life?!?!


Well, we have you covered. Here is our quick crash course on sport fishing to get you up to speed:


Know the Language

To give the illusion of a even a small familiarity with the sport, you’ll need to know the language.

First there is the boat. The front of the boat is called the bow, the back (where the motors are) is called the stern, the right side when looking forward is port side and the left side when looking forward is the starboard side. The body of the boat is called the hull and the upper lip of the vessel is called the gunwale. The boat is moored to permanent structures using tie lines attached to cleats on the outer deck. We will cover nautical knots in another blog…

For the fishing itself, here is a basic vocabulary list:

Angler – one who fishes.

Barb – a piece of metal at the end of a fish hook that points away from the hook to limit extraction

Cast – releasing line to increase the distance between the bait and the angler

Lure – live or synthetic bait situated above the hook to tempt fish to bite

Strike – the moment a fish bites on your line

Test – the strength of your fishing line

Troll – fishing by drawing a baited hook through the water (usually behind a boat)


There Will Be Blood

When compared to hunting, fishing is light on the red stuff. But don’t be fooled, there will be blood. You might also be asked to ‘bonk’ a fish. This is a finishing blow delivered to ‘keepers’ for the purpose of killing them. The bonk is often followed by a paint spatter of blood.

Watch Your Line

Normally, on your fist time out, your line, lure and rod will be setup by a more experienced angler. Once properly cast, the rod will be handed over. Once your hands, the rod, line and lure are your responsibility. Do not lose your focus.

When in Doubt…Follow Your Guide

Noobs and experienced anglers enjoy salmon fishing with guides because it reduces the amount of technical expertise needed to catch significant sized salmon. The guides, like the best salmon fishing charters Haida Gwaii, are there to run the boat, setup your gear and properly set your line. If you have any questions ask them.

Hope this little list helps. Enjoy the fishing!

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