Fish Bras – Yes, it’s a Thing!

*Warning the following article contains Adult Content and may not be suitable for all anglers. That being said, it sure is a crazy trend.


Soooo… last summer we were tipped off about an odd social media trend on the photo platform Instagram. Young women across North America were taking photos of themselves with their prize catches. The girls were often attired in beachwear, bathing suits of the smaller variety.


Doesn’t seem so weird…


Well, it seems that some of these young ladies decided to remove the top portions of their bikinis and use their fish as a cover. Some larger fish were needed, some smaller fish were used, sometimes two fish were shown… And from there, the wonderful hashtag #fishbra was formed.

Yes, the fishbra became a thing. These fearless fisherwomen displayed their trophies in horizontal and vertical positions, covering their bits and for a few months brought back a little sexy (à la Justin Timberlake) to a sport that some say desperately needed it.

Men too, were encouraged to cover their chests with their fish. And of course, a few took it to far. We really are the inferior gender when it comes to maturity.


Fingers are crossed that bras return for this year’s summer fishing season. But really, a giant Tyee is going to be more of a beach towel than a fishbra.

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