Spirit of Haida Gwaii

For those living outside of beautiful British Columbia, your best salmon fishing in Haida Gwaii adventure most commonly starts with a domestic or international flight to Vancouver. From Vancouver, it’s a quick 2-hour flight from South Terminal to Masset. Escott Sportfishing will co-ordinate all your transportation from Vancouver to the front door of the lodge.


The YVR Terminal that most guests fly into, is consistently voted the top airport terminal in North America. In fact, this year, YVR received the CAPA Centre for Aviation’s ‘Airport of the Year’ award in Amsterdam. The award is given to airports that are leaders in the advancement of global aviation. Vancouver was singled out for its commitment to safety, accountability, teamwork and not-for-profit governance model. YVR was the first airport in North America to be presented with this award.


Pairing beautifully with the logistical innovations are the airport’s breathtaking aesthetics. From it’s exterior design, to its interior art, YVR is a a feast for the eyes.

Our favourite piece of art inside the terminal and one that is often mentioned by our guests, is The Spirit of Haida Gwaii. This beautiful green-bronze sculpture was first formed in clay by the world famous Pacific Northwest aboriginal artist, Bill Reid.


Reid’s piece depicts a traditional Haida dugout canoe, with a myriad of travellers. At its centre is a human Shaman, one of the few calming characters. The rest seem to be in a constant state of agitation. Even Raven, steering from the rear, seems to be caught up in the commotion.

The diversity of the passengers represents the diversity of life on the islands formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. Although Reid did not grow up on the islands, he did study and live with the Haida people. Their heritage, stories and connection to the natural world was feature in many of Reid’s works.


This particular work of art was chosen to adorn the back of the $20 bills in Canada. It was featured from 2004 to 2012. There is also an identical bronze cast (apart from colour) outside the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C.


This piece is just one of many aboriginal works featured in the airport.

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