The Art of the Humblebrag

In 2012, Harris Wittels published a wonderful little commentary on modern society entitled: “Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty.” The book describes a practice, that is all to common on social media sites, where individuals post a boast or self-congratulatory statement under the guise of a self-deprecating picture or comment. Basically, it is the reason why social media exists – It gives people a platform to brag about their lives.

That all seems kind of shallow and childish, but the humblebrag can also be very entertaining – when done right. Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram are filled with excellent examples, but this week, we thought we would try our hand at couple of our own. So without further ado, here are five fishing #humblebrags. Feel free to steal, repackage or criticize.


Can’t stay awake in the hot tub. Might be the four Tyees or possibly the 32 pound halibut. #SoreArms


What’s worse than finishing all your Johnny Walker before happy hour? Catching your limit before noon.


Another picture ruined because of my squinting. Maybe I need glasses.


Miss the rainbows and the calm hours spent on the lake. Too much action on the Pacific. #ReelingAndNetting


Spent an hour-and-a-half gutting fish. #SlaveToTheTyee

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