Fishing With the Kids: A Survival Guide

Last week we wrote a piece on surviving the husband/wife fishing trip. This week we thought we would do a follow-up piece on enduring the father/kids fishing trip.


For some fathers, this is no sweat, just another weekend with the kids. But for another class of Dads, a weekend away (with no help from the better half) can be extremely stressful, especially when a new sport is introduced. So for these brave souls, here’s another quick list of tips to help survive the weekend on the boat:



It was top of the list for surviving the wife-fishing trip and its top of the list for the kids as well. Kids need food. Stick with the balance mentioned in the first article – bring some junk food and some healthy treats.

-Bathroom Procedures

For those attempting a smaller vessel, make sure to go over bathroom protocol before heading out. This will help for two reasons. First, there won’t be any disgusted faces when the bucket is passed. Two, everyone will go before hand.


-Optional Wardrobe

Bring a selection of fair weather clothes and rain gear. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen and sunhat. The sea can be a nasty deflector of the sun’s rays.

-Enlist the Help of Your Guide

When you book an Escott salmon fishing charters Haida Gwaii, you are guaranteed to get a world class salmon fishing guide. These men of the sea love to share their craft. Ask them for full demonstrations of the baiting, casting and netting procedures. Your kids will pay much more attention to an alternative authority figure.



Make a bingo chart before you leave of animals in the area, including the potential fish. The hours spent searching for these critters will demand a reward, so just remember to bring a prize.

-Fishing Derby

Set out the rules for your own family fishing derby. Add some wacky categories, like the ugliest fish or the longest fight. The more options, the more chances for success.


-Electronic Documentation

Some Dads like to ban electronics altogether in the boat, but from our experience, phones and tablets are great for recording the day’s events. If you have one of those kids who is completely tech savvy, let them show off their skills. Tell them you want a complete record of days events. This could be mini movies, cut to make a larger film or a series of stills, for a slideshow. Bonus: Mom will love it!


Book with Escott Sportfishing and let us take care of the cleaning, guiding, cooking and baiting – you just focus on the family and having fun.

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  • Tiffiny Colone April 24, 2017   Reply →

    I really enjoyed your post. I am a avid fisher so your articles are really appealing to me and my friends. Thx.

  • Mike McAuley March 7, 2019   Reply →

    I have fished all over the BC coast for over 30 years and Escott Lodge is my standard ! You guys ( and gals ) are amazing ! I have been here many times and look forward to the atmosphere here each year ! Unmatched Fishing knowledge , super friendly – fun on the water as well as in the lodge at the end of the day !! Highest standards all around for the seasoned fisherman in pursuit of Trophy Chinook or someone learning for the first time just how much of a blast this salmon fishing thing can be ! Thank you for the great times from the past and looking forward to the seasons to come !!!

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