Samurai Hooks

From our Gradys, to our chef’s plates, to our top-of-the-industry guides, Escott Sportfishing is concerned with providing top quality materials and services. We want our lodge to standout from the rest and we do this by providing the best.


This is especially true in regards to the fishing gear we supply to every guest that visits the lodge. Our reels are a mix of Islander, Abel and Shimano, all reliable brands that produce award winning fishing equipment. Our boats are rigged out with fish finders and commercial grade fishing transducers to ensure action on the lines.

But the real sign of quality is at the end of our lines. Escott Sportfishing uses only Gamakatsu hooks, the finest fishing hooks on the planet. These premium high carbon steel hooks are the samurai swords of the fishing industry. They are flexible, strong, without weakness and like a perfect samurai sword, razor sharp at the point. It is their ability to stay sharp that makes the Gamakatsu hooks so special.

The hooks were first produced in 1955. They were originally handmade, but soon the company was able to mass produce them using a fully automated factory. By 1976, the Gamakatsu company was the largest fishing hook manufacturer in Japan. In 1992, the hooks were introduced to the North American market where the strength and sustained sharpness made them instantly popular among the guiding community. Now, in 2017, the Gamakatsu product line has been expanded to other areas, but still their hooks are the corner stone of their empire. They have developed an electronic tempering process to ensure the modern high carbon steel is just as sharp and strong as the original handmade hooks developed back in 55.




Fun Fact: Scandinavians traditionally made their fish hooks out of Juniper wood. They believed that the smell of the wood attracted the fish. They would harden the point by burning the wood. These hooks were used for cod and burbot.

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