Freezer Packed

Any outdoor sportsman will tell you there are two main reasons for engaging in hunting or fishing.


The first is obviously the thrill of the chase. Those moments, minutes or hours between the first sighting / bite and the final catch are what we play for. They are a contest of wits, physical strength and endurance, where man and nature lock horns and submit to a duel. These exchanges produce stories and scars that can live on for years.

But the most important ‘product’ of outdoor sports is the meat itself. A lucrative fishing expedition can fill your freezer for the next six months. You can impress your guests with your catch as you show them photos from your salmon fishing charters Haida Gwaii and serve them fillets they will swear are sent straight from the heavens.


At Escott, the process of caring for your catch begins immediately. Our trained salmon fishing guides bleed and gut your fish within minutes of your catch. The fish are then put on ice for cool storage. Once back at the lodge, those same guides vacuum seal and store your catch in our walk-in freezer.

When it’s time to leave the lodge and fly back home, the fish are packaged for safe travel so they can be enjoyed throughout the off-season.

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