Cloudy With a Chance of Rainbows

Haida Gwaii is a very unique setting that experiences every weather pattern imaginable. It’s a hard place to pack for; you never really know what weather you will get.


Unlike other areas in Canada that have extreme cold winters and hot dry summers, the islands of Haida Gwaii maintain a stable temperate temperature. The winters provide very few days below freezing and the summer temperatures are relatively cool. May provides the most hours of sunshine, but August has the warmest days.


The only one constant, you can almost bet on, is the likelihood of rain. The Escott Sportfishing Lodge is located in Masset, a town on the edge of the sea, the mountains and the Pacific Coastal Rainforest. The perfect setting for a deluge.

Coastal temperate rainforests, by there vary definition, are a product of areas that receive on average, 140 cm of annual precipitation. Masset receives just over 145 cm of annual precip.


The good news: this is drastically different to the western side of Haida Gwaii which receives on average 425 cm of precip. Yikes! It is also roughly the same amount of precip as Vancouver. And c’mon, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


The difference is the frequency of showers. Like Hawaii, the rain is common but short lasting. Rain levels are highest in October and November. Thankfully, these months represent the end of the salmon run.


So bring your rain gear. Prepare for showers. Have your camera ready for rainbows.