Stomach Pump – The Diet of Pacific Salmon

Any Sportsman knows that the secret to success lies in knowing your prey – know their patterns, their migration routes, their breeding habits and most importantly know what they eat. All animals on this planet need to consume food to survive. When you identify their food source, you identify their weakness.   Salmon are somewhat […]

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The Personal Touch – Why a Smaller Fishing Lodge is a Better Experience

The differences between a large-scale sportfishing lodge and a smaller lodge can be quite dramatic. From the physical space, to an increase in anglers, to less privacy, a larger lodge can reduce the intimacy of a west coast fishing experience, while increasing the commercial detractions.   Larger accommodations are more like deluxe hotels than fishing […]

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Haida Gwaii sportfishing

“Haida Gwaii: A Rich History.”

You’re certainly a sport fisherman; if not, a sportfishing enthusiast. Whether this is your first time or you’re a regular fishmonger visiting Haida Gwaii salmon lodge, you’ll likely be fascinated by the historical facts surrounding Haida Gwaii and its best salmon fishing lodge.  Haida Gwaii has history. Thousands of years, in fact. Archaeological sites have established […]

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Bait Up - Danny Escott of Escott Sportfishing and his sportfishing bait techniques

“Bait Up!”

  Every great fisherman has a bait preference he dedicates to his catch. Here at Haida Gwaii, we won’t underestimate your extensive knowledge and the intense personal research you’ve put into the great craft of sportfishing, but we’d like to take a second to review what tackle-box accoutrements tend to outwork the worm.   Disclaimer: […]

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