Reeling In Like a Pro

You’ve just hooked a big-time, no-nonsense, Tyee. Your reel is spinning faster than a Tesla Model S P85D with the ludicrous package.…you…do?   Get That Tip Up Seriously, if we can offer any one piece of advice about reeling in a king salmon, or any fish for that matter, it’s keep your rod tip […]

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Spirit of Haida Gwaii

For those living outside of beautiful British Columbia, your best salmon fishing in Haida Gwaii adventure most commonly starts with a domestic or international flight to Vancouver. From Vancouver, it’s a quick 2-hour flight from South Terminal to Masset. Escott Sportfishing will co-ordinate all your transportation from Vancouver to the front door of the lodge. […]

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At the Ends of the Earth

Haida Gwaii isn’t just the home of the world famous Tyee, it is also one of the most wild, mystical, enchanting environments on the planet. Separated from the mainland coast by 100 km of salt water, the islands of Haida Gwaii are the most isolated islands in Canada. This natural separation has created a wilderness […]

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Haida Gwaii sportfishing

“Haida Gwaii: A Rich History.”

You’re certainly a sport fisherman; if not, a sportfishing enthusiast. Whether this is your first time or you’re a regular fishmonger visiting Haida Gwaii salmon lodge, you’ll likely be fascinated by the historical facts surrounding Haida Gwaii and its best salmon fishing lodge.  Haida Gwaii has history. Thousands of years, in fact. Archaeological sites have established […]

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Memories of Summer Fishing: Sunshine, Salmon, and Smooth Sailing

As we’ve started to dig into our vacuum-pack salmon stores from last summer, it’s gotten us reminiscing about the stellar summer season we had last year at Escott Sportfishing.   Who else has dipped into their vacuum-pack salmon from last summer? #salmon #salmonfishing #fishingtrips #haidagwaii #haidagwaiifishing #escottsportfishing #escottlodge A photo posted by Escott Sportfishing (@escottsportfishing) […]

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Haida Gwaii Sport fishing lodge - Escott Lodge

Swimming with the Real Sharks: Corporate Retreats at Escott

The mere mention of a corporate retreat can be enough to make employees groan. But it doesn’t have to. Instead of bringing the office together in a sterile, forced-feeling retreat environment, there’s opportunity to make it a retreat in the true sense of the word—and still get all the necessary business accomplished. Our fishing lodge is […]

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