Haida Gwaii salmon fishing

Catch and Release Practices in Haida Gwaii

The most thrilling part of fishing is that great battle between man and fish. It can sometimes even take an hour—or more—to get that salmon out of the water, if you’ve got a monster Tyee on the other end. But what happens once you’ve brought it into the boat? At Escott Sportfishing, though our guests […]

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Safety First

When the reel starts to hum with that unmistakable whizz of a chinook on the line, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your boat’s certification status. A professional sportfishing guiding company removes that responsibility from the recreational angler so they can concentrate on reeling in the most prized salmon in the […]

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Haida Gwaii Sport fishing lodge - Escott Lodge

Swimming with the Real Sharks: Corporate Retreats at Escott

The mere mention of a corporate retreat can be enough to make employees groan. But it doesn’t have to. Instead of bringing the office together in a sterile, forced-feeling retreat environment, there’s opportunity to make it a retreat in the true sense of the word—and still get all the necessary business accomplished. Our fishing lodge is […]

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