Simply put, Masset, BC offers the most exciting untouched salmon fishing grounds in the world.

It is the ideal destination to intercept the southern migration of salmon when it’s time for them to spawn. Before making their way down the BC Coastline, they go one of two directions around the Haida Gwaii islands, and the split happens at the Northern end of Graham Island where both the world-famous Langara Island and best kept sport fishing secret (Masset) are located. The fish haven’t burned out at this point. They are bigger, fatter, feistier - and ready for a fight!

Haida Gwaii Fishing Grounds Map  | Escott Sportfishing

The conditions are perfect, with some of the biggest kelp beds in the world, hotspots in close proximity to shore, and un-crowded fishing grounds. For this reason, Masset BC was recently crowned the Tyee Capital of the World.

The location of the Escott lodge is key. It’s right at the beginning of the run. The fish are not river tired - they are ocean-fresh. And they arrive just outside the Masset Inlet, we do not have to search for them. Best of all, there are less people. On a busy day, you’ll see 15 boats on the water spread out among endless kelp beds. This hidden gem is just 20 miles east of Langara Island.

From Escott Lodge, it’s a short run to the fishing grounds. And from Vancouver, it’s a short flight to Masset. You can leave your desk at eight and be into a Tyee by noon.

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Masset  | Escott Sportfishing
Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Masset  | Escott Sportfishing
Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Masset  | Escott Sportfishing

About Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii or Gwaii Haanas are famous for their unparalleled natural beauty and vibrant First Nations culture. Their argillite carvings, totem poles and ancient Haida villages attract visitors from around the world.

If you are taking a break from the fishing (or if some of those in your party want to try some exploring on land) there is the majestic Naikoon Park, featuring Tow Hill, and many symbolic Haida landmarks.

There are also hiking, biking and eco-tour adventures as well as whale-watching trips available.

Escott Lodge is central to many other on-land activities such as Tow hill, art gallery, biking and hiking.


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