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Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Tyee | Escott Sportfishing

Your best chance for catching the Tyee of a lifetime would be to go out in a boat with Captain Danny Escott himself. He has decades of experience catching some of the biggest salmon and halibut in British Columbia, including several 50 lb fish, and even the 73 lb monster pictured here. Every tide change is a new big fish tournament to Danny.

Danny has ensured that his rigorous standard of quality and perfection is infused into every element of the Escott Sportfishing experience. Everything from the guides, to the menu, to décor of the lodge has been hand-selected by Danny Escott himself.

As the owner, he is 100% involved in everything that goes on at the lodge. He maintains a strict quality control so that your experience is as enjoyable (and bountiful) and possible. Danny cleans his own fish. He cracks his own crabs (by hand). He reads the tides. He sets the schedule. The entire Escott Experience is run from the centre out.

Danny Escott comes from a family of Wildlife Conservation Officers. He has never lost site of the responsibility to the local community and maintaining wilderness resources for future generations.

Haida Gwaii Salmon Fishing Experience | Escott Sportfishing


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