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Finding the Catch: Favourite Salmon Hangouts

Salmon spend their lives in two very distinct environments: the fresh water of lakes and rivers, where they are born and spend their juvenile period, and the salt water of the ocean, where they spend most of their mature life, after which they return to fresh water to spawn.


The island chain of Haida Gwaii, where Escott Lodge is located, is situated in a crux position between these two environments, with ocean-going Chinook and Coho passing through on their way back to fresh water to procreate.


Younger salmon that have only recently left their freshwater homes will group together into schools, preferring to stick to sheltered areas and staying close to the shoreline. As salmon grow larger and larger—with Chinooks, or King Salmon, reaching upwards of 100 pounds—they will head out into deeper and more open waters.


It’s these monster fish that anglers most hope to get on the other end of their fishing rods. Our guides and captains as Escott spend huge amounts of time out on the waters of Haida Gwaii, which means we know just where to look to find those elusive Tyees.


Larger salmon usually prefer cold, clear waters as opposed to warm, cloudy waters. Chinooks like the deepest and darkest waters of all the salmon species, which means Escott’s sport fishing trips head away from the coastline and out into the open waters, where chances of snagging that prize Tyee for the ultimate photo op are best.


However, this isn’t the only place where salmon will be lurking, for British Columbia has some of the most diverse salmon habitat in the entire world. The fish also are known to hang out in kelp beds, or kelp forests. These kelp beds are full of baitfish that attract the hungry, travelling salmon, plus they offer some shelter from predators, like orcas and seals.


At Escott Sportfishing, our primary goal is to give you and your party the best salmon fishing experience you’ve ever had. By knowing and taking you to the favourite Haida Gwaii hangouts of Chinook and Coho, we make sure to drop you right in the middle of the sport fishing action.


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