Bait Up - Danny Escott of Escott Sportfishing and his sportfishing bait techniques

“Bait Up!”


Every great fisherman has a bait preference he dedicates to his catch. Here at Haida Gwaii, we won’t underestimate your extensive knowledge and the intense personal research you’ve put into the great craft of sportfishing, but we’d like to take a second to review what tackle-box accoutrements tend to outwork the worm.


Disclaimer: On your Haida Gwaii fishing trip, you’ll want to pack the basics (your underwear and toothbrush), but we’ve got you covered on everything sport-fishing. Our bait game is tremendous; if they bite it, we pack and supply it. So, just for fun, let’s look at the three main kinds of fish-munchies and a few pros and cons of each.


Lures: Because lures are more efficiently species-targeted, they are made easier to interchange. Therefore, lures are advantageous insofar as being less messy than most other baits. It’s further comforting to know lures are less likely to gut-hook your fish, making them easier to retrieve. Easily casted, lures allow you to cover more water, even from shore or pier (obviously, not a problem on your Haida Gwaii fishing trip). Disadvantages dance around the cost of replacing your lures; they are more expensive than other baits and tend to snag on underwater obstacles or trees.


Types of lures include jigs, spinners, spoons, soft plastic bait, plugs, spinnerbaits/buzzbaits, and flies.


Prepared Baits: When you’re making your hook dapper for the big Fish Ball on Saturday, you’ll want to consider your perfume and the colour of gown you want to don in order to have the best chances of hooking up with that smelly trout. Power baits, such as Dough Bait, come in different colours and scents to ideally suit specific feeding proclivities of your dinner date.


Types of prepared bait include dough bait, salmon eggs, and pork rinds. Though, with some experimentation, the sky’s the limit.


Live Baits: Worms, night crawlers, maggots, hoppers, frogs, and minnows are a suitable, protein-rich, natural last meal for any fish, but hooking these critters can be messy, complicated, and sometimes lawfully controlled. Luckily, the fishing pros out here at Haida Gwaii Salmon Lodge have the inside scoop on tricky baits.

Bait Up - Danny Escott of Escott Sportfishing and his sportfishing bait techniques

Image by Seann Einerssen.
Copyright Escott Sportfishing

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