Escott Sportfishing - what to wear

“Suit Yourself”

On your Haida Gwaii fishing trip, we’ll have just about everything ready to go so you can get on the water, rod in one hand and, with a little professional maneuvering, a big, pink salmon in the other. We mentioned in an earlier blog that you’ll want to pack your panties, but we’ll take care of the rest. Here’s the best fisherman clothing money can buy, so you can look like and feel like a pro.


Let’s start with your underwear. Cabela’s X-Bionic First-on-Skin Energizer shirt and pants will have you looking like a science-fiction astronaut. They are ideal for extreme conditions on a Haida Gwaii sportfishing journey, keeping your body temperature optimized at 98.6º F. Quick-drying, they’ll keep your buns as comfy your La-Z-Boy at home.


Canada’s best salmon fishing lodge doesn’t want a little bit of precipitation to ruin your trip. So, you’ll want a weather-and-water friendly coat to protect you from the elements in case Poseidon reckons his sea needs watering. According to Field & Stream Magazine, the number one best fishing coat is Simms G4 Pro Jacket. With 11 sealed pockets in this four-seasoner, you can, literally, take a shower while wearing this jacket and walk out a dry man. Now, blow your nose on that Kleenex in your jacket’s pocket. Oh, snap. It’s still dry.


You might want to do more than just fish at the Haida Gwaii Salmon Lodge, it’s too beautiful around here to stay indoors. A pair of Redington Prowler Wading Boots will keep you dry, chaff-free, and handling any terrain—land or sea. These aren’t just the best boots you can own for fishing, they’re the best you can own when leaving work on Friday.

Pants can be tricky. You won’t be doing much wading around here as you’ll be on a sportfishing boat, so keep those waders at home. Keeping it simple? Try UA Storm Sonar Waterproof and any pair of pants from Columbia. You can wear these while lounging on, and off, the boat.

For the best socks, gloves, and accessories, Simms specializes in the most sportfishing-specific outerwear. See you on the water.

Check out our other blog posts for more tips on what to you’ll need before you get here.

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