Modern Sport Fishing Trophies – Part 2

You’re a modern man who understands the current pressures on the best salmon fishing in Haida Gwaii. You know that eventually you will want to share the Escott salmon fishing experience with your daughter or son and you want there to be an ample supply of Chinooks, Coho and Spring for them to reel in. You also want to brag endlessly to Dale, from across the street, each and every time he comes over to watch the game.


So how do you immortalize your recent angling conquest while respecting your conservation beliefs? You enlist the help of a trusted taxidermist to do a life-like replica trophy of the one that made it to the boat.


The first step for mounting your prized replica is actually choosing reproduction over a skin mount. Once you have made that decision, preferably before you get in the boat, you can help your taxidermist immensely by gathering as much documentation as possible without endangering the life of your fish.


Proper documentation starts with two quick measurements. First measure the girth of your fish and then the length from tail to nose. Jot these down on a pad or enter them into your phone notes application.


With your phone already out, snap five quick photos: left side, left head, right side, right head and any unusual markings. Then get that fish off your line and back in the water.

Take a few moments to add any details about the fight to your description notes. Did the fish jump while you were bringing it in? Was the hook deeply set? Did the tail beat wildly when you got it into the boat?


Also, don’t forget to enjoy the moment.


Back at home, do some research on the local taxidermists. Call around and ask if they have replicas that match the size and species of your catch. Ask how many varieties they carry. Ask to see previous examples of the ‘fish artist’s’ work (remember, like a tattoo, this trophy is for life).


When satisfied with your choice of taxidermist, supply them with all the recorded details from the catch. Allow time for the project to be completed – the Sistine Chapel wasn’t painted overnight.

Most importantly, once the finished trophy is mounted in your house, make sure to always sit Dale directly across from it.


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