Father and Son

The bond between a father and his son is something special. It is formed out of shared experiences, years of care, common interests and pure and honest love. Nothing solidifies this bond like a weekend away.

Here are five unforgettable bonding opportunities for fathers and sons to enjoy together:

  1. The Hunters

Under a blind or moving stealthily through the woods, a hunting weekend offers a chance for fathers and sons to get a little primal. Tracking an animal takes skill and patience –

  1. Sports Tickets

With tickets to the big game, sometimes it’s the anticipation that eclipses the actual event. There are the stats, the cheers and the deep-seeded rivalries to memorize, dissect and interpret.

  1. Downhill Thrills

Slap the boards/skis to the roof and head to the mountain. Gravity will provide the adrenaline and the chairlifts will provide quiet moments to talk and reflect. A private lesson for two can also help to remove relationship barriers and create more of a friend/peer connection, if only for the weekend.

  1. Road Tripping

Sometimes it’s all about the journey and less about the destination. Hollywood has been selling this idea for decades. But there is truth there. Shared experiences create strong bonds between travel companions.

  1. Salmon Fishing

Memories are made on the water. From baiting hooks, to reeling in giants, to waiting calmly for a strike, fishing has it all. There is ample time to talk about whatever needs to be discussed. There is the potential to bring home dinner. And there is nature. Everywhere.


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