The Personal Touch – Why a Smaller Fishing Lodge is a Better Experience

The differences between a large-scale sportfishing lodge and a smaller lodge can be quite dramatic. From the physical space, to an increase in anglers, to less privacy, a larger lodge can reduce the intimacy of a west coast fishing experience, while increasing the commercial detractions.


Larger accommodations are more like deluxe hotels than fishing lodges. Monster hotels can be awesome when visiting Vegas, but who wants to stay at the Bellagio when there’s fishing to be done?


The Escott Sportfishing Lodge is definitely on the smaller side when compared to other lodges on Graham Island in Haida Gwaii. We consider our size to be a benefit. Guests to our lodge often reference our size as one of the key elements in their enjoyment of their trip.

With a smaller operation comes better staff. We do not higher seasonal guides who are looking for a fun summer job. We employ locals with extensive knowledge to guide our clients. Our guides have spent years on the waters around Masset and know all the secret Tyee feeding grounds.

Our smaller lodge also provides a more intimate post-fishing experience for clients. Our personal 5-star chef creates menus that are more akin to a smaller farm-to-table restaurant than the larger menus found at chain restaurants. With this smaller format, we are also able to adapt a menu that is more reflective of our client’s culinary preferences.

Beside the superior menu, our lodge offers a cozier setting for relaxing. With a hot tub, fireplace and beautiful views of the surrounding area, the Escott experience includes all the benefits of the bigger lodges, but with fewer clients. Smaller groups are able to book the lodge for a private experience that would never be possible at a larger accommodation.

Come see for yourself why the Escott lodge is the best fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii.

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