Fishing With the Wife: A Survival Guide

Sometimes it’s hard to get away for an adventure fishing weekend, especially after expensive trips to Vegas. The hurdle, for many male anglers, is often their better half. With many wives in control of the finances, it can be tough to make a proper case for some R&R on the water.

One option is to include your significant other in your plans for the best salmon fishing in Haida Gwaii. That’s right, if you can beat em, invite them along.

As our #fishbra story last week confirmed, women are becoming more and more interested in fishing. Including your wife in your passion for fishing might be the spark your marriage needs. Then again…it could be disastrous.

For those who think including their wife in their fishing plans could turn out poorly, but are forced to do so, here is a quick survival guide:



No matter the gender, snacks are essential for a comfortable day out on the water. Bring along some of the healthy options (carrot sticks, peppers, cherry tomatoes) and some unhealthy ones for balance (chips, baked goods, cheese and crackers). But your secret weapon will be a bar of dark chocolate. Keep it hidden until needed. And an angel appeared, offering gifts. And all petty arguments and bickering ceased…temporarily.


-Optional Reading Material

This is a two parter. First, like the snacks, you need to offer quality reference material. This should be provided pre-trip, for your partner to read-up on the local area (Haida Gwaii, for those joining us at the Escott Sportfishing Lodge) and basic fishing culture. The second round of literature, for in the boat, should include at least one trashy grocery store checkout periodical. This will provide at least an hour of silence. Just be prepared for one of those horrible relationship quizzes. We can’t help you there.

-Relinquish Control

Women, traditionally, love to plan. Let her create a a daily schedule for out on the boat. You don’t have to stick to it, but it will offer a nice illusion.


-Stress Safety

Sometimes things can get hectic out on the water with a big trophy fish on the line. Make sure your wife is wearing an appropriate flotation device for her safety and your piece-of-mind. It also wouldn’t hurt to review some marine safety tips.



Before you leave the dock, make sure to hit-up the local drugstore for some Gravol pills or equivalent motion sickness suppressor.



Did we mention snacks?

The hanger… The hanger…

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