Five Famous Anglers with Mad Fishing Swagger

This week we thought we would compile a ‘random’ list of five famous fishermen. This is not a list of the top-five anglers of all time; this is purely a list of five fishermen who brought attention to the sport we all love.

5. Ray Scott

Scott had a dream to bring bass fishing to the mainstream sports market. It came to him in a vision in 1967 and lead to the creation of a national bass tournament. This lead Scott to create B.A.S.S., the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. His ideas on catch-and-release brought conservation practices to the public discourse. He is also the reason we have bass fishing video games, magazines and TV shows.

4. Ernest Hemingway

The “Old Man and the Sea” was based on the legendary angler Santiago, but it took another avid Sportsman, Ernest Hemingway to bring Santiago’s fishing tale to life. Hemingway didn’t just preach the outdoor lifestyle, he also lived it. He won tournaments in Florida, Cuba and the Bahamas. Trophy photos with massive marlins and bluefins provided a visual accompaniment to his literary works.

3. Gunplay

A bit of a random entry and possibly a name that many older anglers might not know. Gunplay is a rapper out of Florida who found salvation through fishing. With a long history of cocaine use and criminal activity, Gunplay began making fishing vlogs to distance himself from his troubled past. Definitely not for younger viewers, the vlogs contain extreme language and questionable ethics, but at their core is a love for the game – the fishing game. Mad swagger.

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2. Peter (Simon)

The claim is often made that Jesus Christ was a fisherman, but chances are, JC’s skills were more aligned to working with wood. His father, Jacob, was a carpenter and one could easily hypothesize that some of these skills were handed down to the young lad. It was actually Jesus’s disciples that were the true fisherman. Peter, being one of these, witnessed the miracle catch. Told in the book of Luke, Peter nets 153 fish in one cast of the net. Impressive!

1. Danny Escott

The ‘Living Legend’, to borrow a title from Gunplay, Escott is known up and down the coast of the Pacific Northwest as being one of the top guides for catching Tyee. His current record weight for an assisted catch is a 73-pound monster king salmon. With decades of guiding experience, Danny Escott is proud to operate the best fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii.

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